Decker Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier is the type of hunting terriers. This is an active dog with muscular. It was bred for baiting rats and farm work. As a universal companion dog, this dog can hunt rats and other pests, as well as small game, look

Rat Terrier can be characterized as an absolutely friendly, energetic, easily trained and obedient to the command. It doesn't enter into a conflict and get along well with other dogs but Rat Terrier is suspicious of strangers. Resignation is not considered to be a drawback but open aggression and excessive shyness must be penalized. The dogs of this breed live about 11-13 years depending on how well you take care of your favourite pet... more

English Shepherd

English Shepherd dog is a medium sized dog with a well-balanced body, agile and courageous. These dogs are incredibly fast and hardy. Moreover, they have the high intelligence, which makes the dog an excellent hunter and shepherd as well as a friend and a favorite of the family, very simple on this breed - Belgian Malinois For Sale.

English Sheepherd can be described as fearless, strong, at the same time faithful and loyal animal. As a rule, these dogs choose only one family member, who is considered to be its owner. This breed is not recommended for beginners, not experienced dog breeders. The English Shepherd is good to the children, gets along with all the pets (cats, dogs, rodents, etc.), in case they grew up together and were trained. Dogs of this breed are very suspicious of outsiders, and immediately stand up for their family and the territory of the home as soon feel the danger. The dogs' life expectancy is about 10-14 years... more

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro is a serious powerful dog with great guardian qualities. It is ideal for the protection of private areas. The dog is fearlessness, some arrogant to outsiders showing aggression and anger. It has great physical strength. This dog is definitely not for everyone, some

They are very dedicated and loyal, loving dogs but not every can curb this incredibly strong-willed and strong dog. The dogs usually live 11-14 years. These animals without coarseness understand what you want them to do. Use the method of promotion. Do not punish the dog, if it does not go to its place, and takes place near you. In fact it was a born to be a defender, which is going to be near 24 hours a day... more

German Pinscher

The character of German Pinscher can hardly be compared with anything. This is a very energetic dog, full of enthusiasm and excitement. Pincher, bursting with an excess of energy needs proper control and a good upbringing. In addition, this breed needs early socialization of puppies, which will allow the animal to install and establish contact with the man from the beginning. However, it should be noted that, despite the small size of the dog, it can be trusted with a child only in the presence of an adult.

The German Pinscher has the living spirit of an adventurer and manipulator. Being alone, it is able to find something to do. Be careful in dealing with this dog, its intelligence and cunning is very remarkable. In addition, experts recommend not cross the line where excessive kindness has the negative impact on the dog's character, or even ruin it. Pampered dog will become a "headache" for you and your loved ones... more